Finalistentour Leids Cabaret Festival

Thu 6 Apr 20:30
6 Apr

After the fesival in the Leidse Schouwburg, the finalists of the Leids Cabaret Festival will tour though the county with the Finalistentour, in which they'll performe the finaly again. But now without the stress that comes with it.

This is a Dutch spoken theater show.

Het Leids Cabaret Festival is for young cabaret talents a helpfull way to reach as many podiums as you can. They all get offerd a chance to develop themselves with and for the audience. Because you can practice your routine in front of the mirror all day, but you do want to know if someone else would actually smile at your jokes.

Some of the senior finalists are: Najib Amhali, Lebbis & Jansen, Paulien Cornelisse, Wim Helsen, Micha Wertheim, Tim Fransen, Katinka Polderman. Some of the younger generation are: Lisa Ostermann, Jasper van der Veen, Kasper van der Laan, Martijn Kardol.

We'll do everything in our power to make sure the shows can go on, but if one must be cancelled, you'll receive an e-mail and a refund.

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