Als het sneeuwt (2+)

Simone de Jong Company
Wed 28 Dec 11:00
28 Dec

She is traveling, and there is a lot of weather. She walks, slips, glides, falls, jumps, twists, sneaks and sweeps herself forward. Eventually she finds shelter. She makes it her own place and falls asleep. Then it starts to snow.

Als het sneeuwt is a catching and funny mime and visual play about the dream of a traveler. Suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old and everybody that wants to be of the same size.

The plays of Simone de Jong Company are characterized by their musicality, humor and inventiveness These plays receive a lot of international praise. Besides of being a theatre director, Simone de Jong is also a children’s author. She wrote Het geheim van meneer Hartjes (Clavis, 2016) and Op zoek naar het groene goud (Clavis, 2021).

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