Detective Moncler

Jan Hulst and Casper Tarenskeen
Tue 7 Feb 20:30
7 Feb

Detective Moncler is a thriller at the stage. A real whodunnit with a suspenseful plot, linked to a search for identity. Moncler shows us what it's like if our safety net of ambition and goals is taken away from us in the space of a moment, and we decide to just let ourselves go. 

Please note, this performance will be in Dutch.

When Detective Moncler has put all murderes and rapers in the world behind bars, she suddenly finds herself at home on the couch, confronted with herself. She's no one without her job and falls into a depression, turns to the bottle, loses herself in nihilism and just becomes impossible to get to for people around her. 

At her wit's end, she decides to leave everything behind and voluntarily join an experimental government programme. She has herself frozen to be awakened only when crime has returned into the world. 

When Moncler wakes up, she is surprised to find that just one year has passed. There is a new killer on the loose and his latest victim was Moncler's beloved ex-boyfriend. Without an identity, overwhelmed by grief and guilt, Moncler swears to avenge her ex. During her search, she is confronted with her own past and has to do exactly what she secretly has been most afraid of all her life: look into the mirror and face herself.

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