Nudo Mixteco

Ángeles Cruz
Tue 5 Jul - Wed 6 Jul
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WIth this impressive feature film debut, director Ángeles Cruz researches the impact of migration and the difficulties women have to face in a traditional community. A fascinating portrait of modern, rural Mexico that is actually still living in the past.

★★★★ De Volkskrant
‘There is nothing to indicate that the strongly acted, sharply observed 'Nudo Mixteco' is a debut'

In the Mixtec community in Sierra Mixteca - a mountainous region between Mexican cities Puebla and Oaxaca - that is also called 'Nudo Mixteco' (Mexican knot), three lives become intertwined. During the celebration of San Matea, the patron saint of the eponymous village, María, Esteban and Toña return to their place of birth. They are coming from completely different directions and lives: María is coming back to bury her mother, while being rejected by her father because of her lesbian relationship. Esteban has been living and working in the US for five years and now unexptectedly returns to his wife Chabela. But she does not accept him getting back in her life that easily. Toña fled to the capital, far away from her uncle who abused her when she was a child. She later discovered that her daugher, whom she left with her mother to be taken care of, had to face the same tragic fate.

Their three separate stories meet during a short moment, but then become more and more intertwined in a mosaic narrative that creates an extraordinary image of the local culture in which director Ángeles Cruz grew up herself. Festivities, rituals and a village council that actually functions as a disputes council, form the fabric of a community that offers protection and security, but also has its limitations and dangers, which increasingly come to light via the stories of the protagonists.

Ángeles Cruz
Sonia Couoh, Noé Hernández, Myriam Bravo
91 min
Thu 9 Jun
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