INSPIRO - A contemporary flamenco performance

Compañia Flamenco Encuentros
Sun 12 Jun 19:30
12 Jun

Jessica Achten does not just dance modern ór flamenco - it's precisely the combination of those two styles which makes her such a strong and unique performer. For this show, she works together with guitar player and composer Tijn van der Sanden, percussionist Claudio Spieler and piano and electronics player Carlos Ema. Together, these young creators give a broad and innovative view on flamenco, hoping to inspire many people.

Inspiro aire, dejo inspirarme por el movimiento.
Inspiro el movimiento, dejo inspirarme por la musica.
Inspiro la musica, dejo inspirarme por las palabras.
Inspiro palabras, dejo inspirarme por la vida.
Respira Profundo - Dejate Llevar


1. (sentimientos, ideas) - to inspire
2. (respirar) - to inhale, to breathe in

Respiration is the motor of every kind of movement, and in every dancing style. Breathing creates energy, which can then be turned into movement. Consciously using your breath is important for modern dancing styles, but also essential to Flamenco. In what ways are those styles determined and lead by the rhythm of breathing, until the body reaches a point of pure movement? Take a deep breath and be inspired by the flow of air that enters, changes and leaves our bodies.

The performers of this show will inspire each other by constantly linking their actions back to each other, with the respiration as starting point. During this intense cooperation, they let themselves be taken by the flow, which will eventually bring the energy on stage to an impressive climax.

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Dance: Jessica Achten
Piano/live electronics: Carlos Ema
Guitar/live electronics: Tijn van der Sanden
Percussion: Claudio Spieler