Descending the Mountain

Maartje Nevejan
Tue 30 Nov 15:00
30 Nov
  • Tue 30 Nov

What happens if you give magic mushrooms to experienced Zen masters, who have never used drugs before? Might that teach us anything on the mystical experience of being one with nature? Time for a (legal) scientific experiment, in a monastery on the top of Mount Rigi, Switzerland. 

Exactly 50 years after magic mushrooms became forbidden, a new story starts in what is now being called the 'psychedelic renaissance'. Psychiatrist Franz Vollenweider and Zen master Vanja Palmers decide to take a new step in research on the possibilities of medical applications of pscychedelics. They do something that has never been done before in scientific context and set up an experiment in a Swiss convent. Could the combination of meditation and psilocibin help humanity to get out of the contemporary social mess and environmental problems?

Director Maartje Nevejan works together, as she did for her previous documentary IK BEN ER EVEN NIET, with other artists to create a visual language that can express inner experiences. She leaves behind the iconic imagery of the '60s and works with animations and hallucinating soundscapes instead, to evoke a psychedelic experience in the viewer.

“These substances are not for the sick only, they belong in the hands of meditation” - Albert Hofmann 

Maartje Nevejan
78 min
Thu 11 Nov
English, German
  • Watch out with children under 12
  • Drugs- and alcoholabuse


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