Royal Opera House | La Traviata

Richard Eyre
Wed 13 Apr 19:45
13 Apr

In a glamourous and superficial society, the rich and reknown courtesan Violetta gives up everything for love.

19th century Paris is a place characterized by contrasts: passion and shallowness, love and lust, life and death. Courtesan Violetta sings some of Verdi's most acclaimed arias during her moving and passionate meetings with her suitor and lover Alfredo.

When Violetta meets Alfredo at a party, she first rejects his efforts to make a pass at her, but eventually becomes charmed by his kind and gentle nature. Their being together is not quite accepted by their environment, though, and Alfredo's father even asks Violetta to end the relationship as he fears that it will stand in the way of his daughter marrying well. Violetta feels for the girl and concedes, but has to pay the highest possible price for this self-sacrifice.

Richard Eyre
Jeremy White, Pretty Yende, Stephen Costello, Dimitri Platanias, Kesniia Nikolaieva, David Shipley, Angela Simkin, Germán E. Alcántara, Andrés Presno
220 min
Wed 13 Apr
United Kingdom