Ballad of a White Cow

Maryam Moghaddam & Behtash Sanaeeha
Tue 30 Nov 16:10
30 Nov
  • Tue 30 Nov

Mina's life is turned upside down when she finds out in court that her husband has been wrongly executed. Authorities apologize and offer financial compensation, but claim that "it must have been Allah's will" - making Mina into silent protest.

According to the judge, it was Allah's intention to let Babak, Mina's husband, be put to death - otherwise it would not have happened. Mina does receive financial compensation for the suffering caused by the court, but also starts a quiet protest in her daughter's and her own interest. And when she almost out of money, an old friend of Babak's suddenly shows up: he still a debt to pay to Babak and has now come to settle it. Mina slowly lets him into her life, not knowing that it's not just a financial debt he has come to pay.

Iranian directing duo Maryam Moghaddam and Behtash Sanaeeha show in this film how the Iranian legal system works and what a woman's position is with regard to authorities: powerless.

Maryam Moghaddam & Behtash Sanaeeha
Alireza Sani Far, Maryam Moghadam
105 min
Thu 4 Nov
  • Watch out with children under 12
  • Fear

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