The Panther

Dunja Jocic
Thu 12 May 20:30
12 May

THE PANTHER is a must see. It's considered one of the best dance performances of this year in the Netherlands. Dunja Jocic made a thrilling danse noire about the vulnerable individual in a technology-dominated society - with voice over by reknown Dutch poet, writer and actor Ramsey Nasr and dancer Simon Bus from Eindhoven.

This show tells the story of a man that gets caught up in a mysterious ultramodern apartment that eventually develops a will of its own, becoming a threat for the man living inside. Desperately trying to escape this almost imperceptible sensation of alienation, the man actually loses control, which makes him feel like a caged panther in his own house.

Dunja Jocic

In her hallucinatory and cinematographic performances with an electrically charged dance language, choreographer and filmmaker Dunja Jocic confronts us with the absurdity of our lives. Jocic presents her work at dance and film festivals all around the globe. She has worked with a variety of international artists and has received prestigious awards and prizes over the past years. 


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Sterk invoelbaar is wel het sinistere De Panter van Dunja Jocic. In Simon Bus heeft ze een ideale vertolker gevonden van een man die, naar later blijkt, slechts een simulatie van een appartement heeft gekocht, in plaats van een veilig thuis. Dat vervreemdende gegeven werkt ze mooi uit in een trio met naast de knap achterdochtig dansende Bus twee infiltrerende dansers.

De Volkskrant, 8 februari 2021