Kleine Pijntjes

Johan Goossens
Thu 14 Apr 20:30
14 Apr

As young as he feels and seems, you would never think Johan Goossens is getting close to turning fourty. But he groans more often as he sinks into a seat, sometimes can't hold back an 'oomph' when there's no one around, and secretly enjoys underfloor heating. He bounces with good health, but there's an increasing number of little hurts sneaking into his life.

Johan tries to resist the inevitable decay that comes with aging with songs, stories and a healthy dose of humour. Switching between being hilarious and endearing, between high ideals and shitty ordinariness, his goal is to make you forget about your own little hurts for one whole night.

Johan Goossens

Johan wrote two bestselling books about his experiences as a teacher at a dutch college: Wie heeft er wél een boek bij zich? en Jongens, ik wil nu toch écht beginnen. He also became known for participating in popular Dutch television shows. KLEINE PIJNTJES will be Johan's eighth cabaret programme. He's also working on his first novel.


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Met het grootste gemak schakelt hij tussen hilariteit en ontroering.

Theaterkrant ****