Foto: Casper Koster


Kirsten van Teijn
Thu 10 Mar 20:30
10 Mar

In (S)EXPERIMENT, Kirsten van Teijn explores different forms of love in the 21st century. A colourful and musical cabaret performance on gender, sexuality and identity.

We're being limited in all kinds of ways today. Not just by new measures, but also by old thought patterns and mindsets. However, limitations can also offer new spaces, so perhaps the time has come to redefine the world around us. Kirsten does think so and starts with love.

Optimistically and full of self-deprecating humour, she takes you on a journey through her life with her boyfriend ánd girlfriend. Because why would you have to choose for one love, or one gender to be with, especially in a time when there's more than hetero- and homosexuality and we're tearing our labels apart? Well, maybe because there's twice as much annoyances. Or because a sex planning is just as exciting as a cleaning schedule.


Due to contemporary COVID-19 measures, there is only a limited number of tickets available. If the measures change, more tickets will be made available.

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Direction: Vincent van den Elshout
Stagecraft: Bo van Vliet & Pim Pernet
Sound design: Jelle Bruinsma
Dramaturgy: Eva Gouda
Special thanks to: Jessica Borst & Stephanie Louwrier
Foto: Casper Koster
Costumes: Lieke Arens
Make-up: Cavantgarde

"Kirsten van Teijn has balls, no embarrassment, combines it with the right amount of chaos and an irresistable talent for comedy, topped off with a unique and unpredictable sauce."

**** Trouw