Edward II - The Gay King

TG Oostpool | Charli Chung
Sat 29 Jan 20:30
29 Jan

Lessons in love & politics.

Christopher Marlowe's king's drama, combined with Shakespeare's homoerotic sonnets, adapted by Jibbe Willems and turned into a quirky costume drama by theatre director Charli Chung: that promises to be a great evening that will definitely become one of Natlab's best theatre shows!

Edward is young and self-willed. He is crowned king, bu it soon becomes clear that Edward is not quite interested in politics. He just wants love! Pleasure! Passion! No power, morals, or duty. And with the crown on his head, he throws himself into everything he never had before.

To the fury of his wife and court, he starts an affair with a man. And with the eyes of the whole country focussed on him, Edward seems to shut out all political and secular developments by choosing love and sex.

It's tough to not live up to expectations when following your heart, but even more unbearable when you're also punished for that. Will young Edward be forced into a choice between love and politics? Can he bring them together, or are they mutually exclusive by definition?

A king's drama on a stubborn and high-spirited human being, that celebrates life to the bitter end.

Sexy and flamboyant king's drama
Theatre director Charli Chung made a quirky costume drama, based on Christopher Marlowe's piece Edward II and the homoerotic sonnets of William Shakespeare. That creates an interesting contrast, as Shakespeare was still trying to hide homosexuality between the lines in the 16th century, and Marlowe brought one of the first true and genuine homosexual characters to the stage in his play.

Following the very well received Don Caravaggio (2019) and his adaptation of Oscar Wilde's De Profundis (2021), Chung gets his teeth into another historical character again.


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text: Christopher Marlowe
adaptation: Jibbe Willems
direction: Charli Chung
play: Abe Dijkman, Fjodor Jozefzoon, Tobias Kersloot, Ziggy Knel and others
dramaturgy: Madelon Kooijman
campaign imagery: Marijke de Gruyter and Nicolien de Jong


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