Het Zuidelijk Toneel | BOG.
Thu 20 Jan 20:30
20 Jan

Who are you?
Ben. is BOG.'s first performance at Natlab and that's actually a pity, because this young theatre group has been building its carrier for over 8 years, currently under the banner of Het Zuidelijk Toneel. BOG. makes philosophical, linguistic and musical shows on essential themes in everyone's life. Come and experience BOG.

"I'm Benjamin, but my friends call me Ben. In Turkish, 'ben' means 'I'. I am Ben. Or that's the name I've been given. Or what I've been called. Or named. My name is Ben, the question is whether I really ám Ben. I'm not so sure of that."

For the first time, BOG., a collective of writing actors, makes a show in which one person is at the centre. BEN. is about who Ben actually is. What makes Ben to Ben, apart from those three letters? Because he may be called Ben, but what does that mean? Who else is he? And who is he not?

Every person tells himself a story about who he is. The question is who writes that story, and which parts are true? BOG. takes a playful, philosophical look at the mother of all existential questions in BEN.: who are you? The collective also dives into its own self and discusses the concept of identity. Some people hide in their identity, others break out of it. Some use it as a flag to rally behind, others as a stick to wield. Who are you, in your own eyes and in the eyes of others? Can you ever by only yourself, your own view of you? BOG. takes a step back and tries to discover the common grounds between 'I' and the 'other'.

"BOG. explores the invisible boundaries between yourself and others in BEN. Can one person every be alone when all the people surrounding him are actually part of who he is?"


BOG. is a collective of theatre makers Judith de Joode, Benjamin Moen, Sanne Vanderbruggen and Lisa Verbelen, dramaturge Roos Euwe and business manager Anne Baltus.

BOG. makes philosophical, linguistic and musical performances on essential themes in everyone's life. Since it's first show, BOG. an attempt to restructure life (2013), BOG. creates work on everything the human being tries to get a grip on but is way out of our reach, on themes every single person has to deal with in everyday life: life in itself, meaning, belief, time and movement, the difference between children and grownups, existential loneliness, grief, language and identity.


We'll do everything in our power to make sure the shows can go on, but if one has to be cancelled, you'll receive an e-mail and refund.

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written and played by: Judith de Joode, Benjamin Moen, Lisa Verbelen, Sanne Vanderbruggen
dramaturgy: Roos Euwe
costumes: Johanna Productie


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