Film Course Film & Gender

Josette Wolthuis
Sun 5 Dec 15:00
5 Dec
  • 5 Dec
    Film screening - separate ticket sale starts Wednesday 1 December
    Zaal 2
    ticket sale starts soon

In this five-part film course, we'll look at different aspects of gender in film. In what ways does gender determine in which ways a character takes up or moves around in space and how he/she/they is seen by other characters and the viewer? And how do dress and body affect how a character is interpreted? Josette Wolthuis, a young and fresh lecturer in Film Studies, loves to tell you more about that.

From the end of October, Josette Wolthuis will be giving a lecture on gender in relation to a theme that is important in film every Tuesday. On the following Sundays, we will screen a film illustrating what has been discussed during the lecture, so you can immediately put all the new information into context!


Tuesday 26 October - Gender & Gaze
Sunday 31 October - corresponding film screening

Tuesday 2 November - Gender & Stardom
Sunday 7 November - corresponding film screening

Tuesday 9 November - Gender & Space
Sunday 14 November - corresponding film screening

Tuesday 23 November - Gender & Body
Sunday 28 November - corresponding film screening

Tuesday 30 November - Gender & Dress
Sunday 5 December - corresponding film screening

Ticket information

Film course - € 12,50
Film screening - € 8,50 (ticket sale starts on Wednesday before the screening)
Film course with corresponding film screening - € 17,50

Are you a member of Cineville and do you want to attend both the film course and the corresponding screening? You can order a ticket for the film course and make a reservation for the screening on the following Wednesday, so you won't have to pay for the film.

Josette Wolthuis

Josette Wolthuis received her PhD in Film & Television Studies and currently lectures in Television & Cross-Media Culture in the Media Studies department of the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on costume and fashion in serial television drama's like CALL THE MIDWIFE, KILLING EVE and OUTLANDER, but she is also interested in other matters of television style and aesthetics and animation studies. Over the last years, she has taught at the University of Groningen, University of Warwick, Coventry University and London Film School - and now she travels to Eindhoven to inspire you!


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