25 Years Srebrenica | Dangerous Names

Boy Jonkergouw | Het Zuidelijk Toneel | PAX
Thu 18 Nov 20:30
18 Nov

Alma Mustafić was 14 years old when her father Rizo was killed in the Srebrenica genocide. He worked as electrician for VN battallion Dutchbat. The Dutch made a fatal decision when they delivered him to the Serbs. The then 19 year old Dutchbatter Raymond Braat had to separate men from women, to subsequently send the former to their deaths. Tonight, Alma and Raymond share the stage.

Alma and Raymond have different perspectives on what happened in Srebrenica, but they do have one thing in common: the question why the world let this happen. They tell their stories with actors Mike Weers, Jolijn Henneman and Karin Sibbing and present a history of normal people that have to deal with the insanity of hate, and of how the genocide still shapes their lives and the lives of many others today, 25 years after it took place.

Why does this story have to be told now?
Despite the significant role the Netherlands had in the recent drama, the war in Yugoslavia is not standardly included in history classes at schools, and it only appears on political and media agenda's when there is nothing else to talk about. The 1995 Dayton agreement did in a way not suffice to end the war, only to freeze it, and ethnical tensions keep rising under the complex and bureaucratic patchwork that the agreement actually is. 

While the world is busy fighting virusses and terrorists on the other side of the Bosphorus, everyone seems to forget that the plug of the Balkan war has still not been pulled. And the Netherlands? The Netherlands celebrates 75 years of liberation. Legitimately, but 25 years ago we did allow for concentration camps to be built in Europe - again. So besides remembering, let us also ask and try to answer the question what is says about us that we have almost forgotten about that.

This performance is Dutch spoken with Bosnian surtitles.
Ova izvedba je sa bosanskim titlovima.

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text and direction: Boy Jonkergrouw
music: Eric Vlasblom & Wouter de Belder
visuals and set: Beeldjutters and Simon Haen
play: Jolijn Henneman, Alma Mustafić, Raymond Braat, Mike Weerts, Karen Sibbing

Boy Jonkergouw Productions cooperates with peace organisation PAX, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Hogeschool Utrecht for this performance. The project is supported by the Mondriaan Fonds, Lira Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Fonds Podiumkunsten.


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