Wed 4 Aug 14:50

Sia, de Rebelse Bosfee

Marja Pyykkö
4 Aug

Sia is a young and slightly naughty woodfairy, who decides to leave her house in the forest to go live in the city. There, she meets the excentric nature love Alfred. They become best friends - which is for the better, because when the birds start falling from the skies, they have to join forces and gather all their strength and courage to save the world from being destructed.

Sia loves the city: the rectengular shapes, beautiful parking spaces and people's predictable routines. She attaches herself quickly to her new environment and has a lot of fun with Alfred and his friends. But one day, the birds start falling from the skies, dead, on the streets of the city. The filthy fertilizer where Alfred's dad works might be the villain causing that all. Alfred and Sia decide to start an investigation and find out why the birds are dying and nature is threatened. And of course, what Sia can do with her oncontrolled fairy powers to stop it all...

Marja Pyykkö
Lely Zeger, Kevin Hassing, Marlies Somers, Lina Roeland, Ida Verspaandonk, Tineke Blok, Milan van Weelden, Doris Baaten
89 min
Thu 10 Jun
Finland, Netherlands, Norway
  • Watch out with children under 6
  • Violence


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