Thu 6 May 00:00 - Fri 6 Aug 00:00

Picl | Gli Indifferenti

Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli
00:00 - 00:00

When her husband dies, the life of the wealthy Italian Mary is suddenly turned upside down. She does not only have to deal with the death of her beloved partner, but is also in way over her head financially. And that's not easy when you've been living a lush and prosperous life for years.

In GLI INDIFFERENTI, Director Leonardo Guerra Saràgnoli wants to show what might be hidden behind the appearances of wealth. Sometimes only one small change can make it nearly impossible to keep up those appearances. That's the case for widowed Mary and her almost grown up children Michele and Carla. After the pater familias dies, tensions start to rise.

Mary hopes to find a supporter in her new friend Leo, to be able to save their own skins. He does indeed seem to be keen on helping out by buying the family's capital villa. While Michele doesn't trust Leo at all, Carla picks her mothers side. This shakes the family's trinity while a lack of morality and abundance of jealousy takes its toll.

Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli
Edoardo Pesce, Valeria BruniTedeschi, Beatrice Grannò
81 min
Thu 6 May
  • Watch out with children under 12
  • Violence
  • Sex
  • Coarse Language

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