Sat 17 Apr - Sun 18 Apr

Road to Panama

Panama Pictures


Natlab has been selected by the government to be one of the pilot locations for a theatre performance for people with a negative COVID-19 test. We can't wait to give you an amazing experience again and we'll do that together with theatre company Panama Pictures. This company already visited Natlab last year. Back then, it's unique combination of dance and circus already made us long for more, so we can promise you a wonderful show.


Your visit requires preparation, because it's still a pilot and a first step towards the opening of the cultural sector. Think of it as a final rehearsel to which you have been invited. Your visit will be as regular as possible, but every visitor needs to bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test and we're still keeping 1,5 meter distance. Please read below how you can attend the performance and what we're asking you to do.



1. Buy a ticket via this page (for max. 2 people).
2. Visit to schedule your (free) COVID-19 test within 40 hours before the start of your show.
3. Download the app CoronaCheck on your phone via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Your test result will be registered here.
4. On April 16, 17 or 18, bring your ticket to Natlab and your mobile phone to show us proof of your negative test in CoronaCheck.
5. Enjoy the show!

Only test results that have been obtained via within 40 hours before the start of the show are considered valid. We cannot give access to people with a negative test that has been obtained via the GGD, a vaccination certificate or other proof that shows you do not have COVID-19.

Is your test positive? Please stay home and send an e-mail to We will refund your ticket.

Please take a look at if you still have questions on the process of testing. Do you have any questions on the performance or your visit to Natlab? Please contact us via


Take a seat and meet the regular performers and new talents of theatre group Panama Pictures, who bring you an energetic mix of artistic and acrobatic acts.

Feel how they float over your head, experience their physical commitment, taste the suspense and excitement and let yourself become part of an extraordinary adventure. ROAD TO PANAMA is a spectacular trip to, on and over the boundaries of dance and circus. A compilation of diverse pieces with their own, unique spheres and stories, will bring you an intimate, surprising experience.

In the first piece, A PERFECT DEAL, nothing is what it seems. Juggling men in suits Francesco Barba, Cal Courtney and Fabian Krestel continuously make balls appear and disappear, like shady bankers. They manipulate your perception, challenge your trust, while everything is happening right under your nose. Are they accomplices or opponents? Charlatans or companions?

Dancer Francesco Barba and acrobat/juggler Fabian Krestel try the limits of their friendship in an exciting duel with razor sharp knives, on the cutting edge of dance and circus. They are charming, brave and invincible, but the time has come to find out whether they can really trust each other.

STRIPPED is an intimate portrait of a man (Tarek Rammo) trying to find out who he really is. In conversation with himself and his audience, he reveals different layers of his character. Aerial straps function in this piece as extensions of his body, as limitations of his freedom of movement and as stepping stone to a different reality.

Award winning choreographer Pia Meuthen develops an authentic signature with Panama Pictures. In unpolised, raw theatre pieces, she lets dance, circus and music flow into each other. Due to its cross-border language, Panama Pictures fulfill a pioneering role in the Netherlands and is internationally considered a welcome guest.

choreography: Pia Meuthen
dance/acrobatics: Francesco Barba, Tarek Rammo, Fynn Neb, Crispin Bade, Cal Courtney, Fabian Krestel
composition: a.o. Julian Vogel, Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, Jeske de Blauw
costume advice: Sanne Reichert
lights: Bart Verzellenberg
assistance & training: Miquel de Jong


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