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Picl | Tove

Zaida Bergroth
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A fascinating portrait of world famous author and Moomin creator Tove Jansson, who fought for both artistic and social freedom in her way of life.

Tove's unconventional way of life - amongst others by having an open relationship with a married politician in the 40's - stands at odds with the strict ideals of her father. When Tove meets theatre director Vivica Bandler, she immediately feels an all-consuming love for her which she can only act upon. But that is not always easy. In the meantime, her fame and succes with the Moomin illustrations grows.

Tove Jansson was a Swedish speaking Finnish author, artist and illustrator of amongs others children's books and cartoons. She became world famous for her 'Moomins': white, fat, hippopotamus-like fairy tale creatures that have all kinds of adventures in their Moomin valley. In both Finland and Sweden Tove is still very popular.

Zaida Bergroth
Alma Pöysti, Krista Kosonen, Shanti Roney
100 min
Swedish; Dutch subtitles
  • Watch out with children under 12
  • Drugs- and alcoholabuse
  • Coarse Language

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"Bergroth flexes her considerable cinematic powers, conjuring vibrantly expressive visuals and confident performances from her talented cast, especially the petite theater thesp Pöysti, who excels in her first leading film role and strongly resembles the real Tove."

- Variety


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