Thu 25 Mar 00:00 - Sun 25 Jul 00:00

Picl | The New Gospel

Milo Rau
00:00 - 00:00

Director Milo Rau, artistic director of theatre group NTGent, took his film crew to the Italian city Matera, to translate Jesus' life into a film. He connects the New Testament's message to the story of a community of immigrant workers living and working in Matera in horrible circumstances, fighting for their dignity.

'The fight for dingity is a contemporary fight', one of the activists yells during a demonstration. 'But we all know what happened to troublemaker Jesus.' This activist comes from a community of exploited, humiliated, mostly coloured workers that are crammed into slums without water connection or electricity. These undocumented seasonal workers have to pick tomatoes and oranges for a pittance, for the 'regular' Italians. This film does not depict Jesus as a historical and religious foreman, but as the (black) leader standing up for humane working conditions and taking on a social battle.

Milo Rau makes documentary theatre and injects his pieces and films with a shot of reality, creating extraordinary work that connects individual stories to larger social problems and themes.

107 min
Thu 25 Mar
  • Watch out with children under 16

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