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Picl | The Lawyer

Romas Zabarauskas
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Marius is a successful lawyer in Vilnius, Ali a Syrian refugee living in Belgrado. They meet in a chat room and sooner than they realize, an intense love relationship developes between hem. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and distance?

Marius is a rich boy with a vibrant social life, who scours all kinds of events and is always surrounded by his friends. But despite his good fortune, he feels there's something missing in his life. After a dinner with friends, Marius calls Ali. Would he be the one able to fill the gap? Lithuania and Servia are not that far apart, but will they be able to find a way to be together despite all the other obstacles that are between them?

With THE LAWYER, director Romas Zabarauskas gives a very nuanced view on the love between two men, who are not only held back by their own vulnerabilities to answer to their desires, but are also fighting for a safe place in society together.

97 min
  • Not harmful / All ages
  • Coarse Language

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