Thu 25 Feb 00:00 - Wed 31 Mar 00:00

Picl | Yab Yum

Anna Maria van 't Hek
00:00 - 00:00

A portrait of the world's most legendary brothel, from it's glory days until the long expected downfall in 2007. This intimate documentary shines a light on the lust, secrets and inevitable criminality that lurked behind the closed doors of Yam Yum in Amsterdam.

Who are the people that once formed the core of the club? What do their lives look like now and in what ways were they affected by working in a brothel? Those people review the most iconic times of Yab Yum, which was famous for its decor and the celebrities that visited regularly, with nostalgia. They vividly tell their extravagant and sometimes painful stories, and take us back to the place where everything that God forbids was actually possible.

Anna Maria van 't Hek
75 min
Thu 25 Feb
Dutch, English; Dutch subtitles
  • Watch out with children under 9
  • Fear

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