Thu 4 Mar 00:00 - Wed 31 Mar 00:00

Picl | Un pays qui se tient sage

David Dufresne
00:00 - 00:00

A subject that seems to be more relevant than ever: in which ways do governments justify the use of violence against citizens? French journalist and film maker David Dufresne decided to start a research on that.

France has been dealing with dissatisfaction on social differences lately. There have been demonstrations, which have been handled by the police in different ways. They seemed to interfere more often and clamping down harder every time. Is that necessary? In this film, David Dufresne confronts a panel of French citizens with shocking footage from demonstrations by 'yellow vests' and invites them to reflect on the ongoing social unrest and the right, or wrongoding in the use of violence by the state.

David Dufresne
86 min
Thu 4 Mar
French; Dutch subtitles
  • Watch out with children under 16
  • Violence
  • Fear
  • Coarse Language

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