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NATLAB ENRICHES (online introduction)

Picl | The Human Voice

Pedro Almodóvar
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Raw human feeling and the highest forms of art are complementary modes of expression that Tilda Swinton has to deal with in Pedro Almodóvar's short, extraordinary adaptation of the play by Jean Cocteau. Let yourself be surprised by this very concentrated burst of film!

A woman gets home, where she finds her husband's packed suitcases. He's not home and she decides to wait for him, with her equally restless dog. It eventually turns out he can be bothered just enough to say goodbye over the phone. As she vents her despair, anger and sarcasm into the air and discreetly tucked airpods, we see her world slowly collapsing.

Pedro Almodóvar saw in Tilda Swinton the ideal figure to portray the character that has been an inspiration to him for years: the abandoned and disoriented woman. He places her in a Technicolor apartment decor, filled with designer furniture, that shows how close theatre is to real life, actually.

30 min
Thu 11 Mar
  • Not harmful / All ages
  • Coarse Language

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Huh?! Wat is Picl?

"A palate-cleansing vodka shot of a short film, that distils its own rules of the game and laws of desire into a concise, concentrated burst of demented passion."

- Variety


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