The Truffle Hunters

Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw
Thu 2 Dec - Mon 6 Dec
  • Not harmful / All ages
  • Coarse Language

In the woods of Piemond, North West Italy, a group of elderly man and loyal dogs looks for the most expensive ingredient in the world: the white Alba truffle.

The white Alba truffle is a rare delicacy that has still not been cultivated, despite far going modern technologoies. Passing their knowledge and skills on from generation to generation, a group of men is trained in searching for the truffles with the help of their dogs and their enormous smell. They live a peaceful and simple life, in harmony with their dogs and the picturesque nature. No mobile phones, no internet, just human contact in their small community: that's all that matters to them.

But while the Alba truffle is becoming harder to find, the demand for the product is growing. Climate change, deforestation and the lack of young people that can learn the tradition of looking for truffles threaten the art of finding this delicacy. Besides, those men guard more than the mystery consdering the Alba truffle: the key to a rich and meaningful life. This film is an ode to a life long passion.

Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw
84 min
Thu 4 Nov
Italian; Dutch subtitles
  • Not harmful / All ages
  • Coarse Language


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