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Picl | The Kingmaker

Lauren Greenfield
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She is widely known as the woman with the largest collection of shoes in the world. And not only that part of Imelda Marcos' life is grotesque. Her self pity, wealth, tyranny and corruption as (former) first lady of the Filippines are also enormous. A gruesome fairytale, told in a time in which fake news influences elections all over the world.

In 1986, Imelda Marcos and her husband Ferdinand had to flee the Philippines, when word came out that they had kept their hands on a great deal of the American aid money that the US gave the Philippines to supress communism and improve civil rights. Now, she has returned from her exile, still living a wealthy life, presenting herself as the 'mother of the people', like nothing ever happened. Via her son, she wants to regain control.

But awarded film maker and photographer Lauren Greenfield also shows the destructive corruption in the country. Money and power keep each other in balance - but where that money comes from? THE KINGMAKER depicts an extravagant and controversial person, set agains the shocking legacy of the Marcos regime and the current political climate.

Lauren Greenfield
Imelda Marcos
101 min
Thu 13 Aug
Denmark, United States
English; Dutch subtitles
  • Watch out with children under 12
  • Fear

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