RELEASE: Thu 23 Jul

The Piano

Jane Campion
Thu 23 Jul

This Golden Palm, three Oscars and a Golden Globe winning film from 1993 that shows the perspective of a female main character is digitally restaurated for the big screen. Director Jane Campion is the first and only female director ever winning a Golden Palm.

In the 19th century, Scottish girl Ada and is sent to the isolated west coast of New Zealand with her daughter to marry a numb and rigid colonist. Ada can't talk. Her piano functions as her voice. In and environment of rugged forests and fierce coasts, she develops an unexpected and deeply sensual relationship with a stranger. The shy and reclusive Ada has never been able to express her desires and wishes, and finally finds a way to find the freedom of choice and happiness that she deserves.

THe BBC Culture Poll gave The Piano the title of best film ever made by a female director. Jane Campion is known for depicting the lives of women in a way that was different from everything that had ever been done before.

Jane Campion
Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill
121 min
Thu 23 Jul
New-Zealand, Australia, France
English; Dutch subtitles
  • Watch out with children under 12
  • Violence