Sun 16 Aug 12:30

A Perfectly Normal Family

Malou Reymann
16 Aug

When Emma's father tells her that from that moment on, he will be living his life as a woman. The eleven year-old has no clue what to do with that information. Who is this new father of hers with dashing dresses, suddenly without the slightest interest for football?

Emma sees her father Thomas changing into Agnete. The safe and 'perfectly normal' family life becomes unstable. Can Emma still call Agnete 'dad'? What will their close father-daughter relationship look like now? How can she handle her confusion, sadness and anger? And how can you properly shape a changing, new family while the rest of the worlds watches full of critique and suspicion? 

In this debut, film director Malou Reymann displays the most intimate, vulnerable and heartbreaking moments in the lives of the charachters perfectly, basing their emotions and experiences on her own: she grew up with a father becoming a transwoman herself. The film won the VPRO Big Screen Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020.

Malou Reymann
Jessica Dinnage, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Hadewich Minis, Rigmor Ranthe, Kaya Toft Loholt, Neel Rønholt
97 min
Thu 9 Jul
Danish; Dutch subtitles
  • Not harmful / All ages

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- **** VPRO Cinema