Screening rooms & spaces


The Podiumzaal is our largest room and can accommodate 178 people. Due to the retractable grandstand, the theater layout with flat floor can also turn into one large room. 
There are extensive technical facilities in this room. This makes the room ideal for a presentation, symposium, conference, performance or theater performance.

The playing surface of this room is 13 x 12 meters. Changing rooms and a large loading and unloading elevator are available.

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The auditorium seats 126 people. The ground floor space in front of the screen (11 x 4 meters) makes the room extremely suitable for a conference, presentation, lectures, as well as for screening films.

A classical hall, "Einstein was here .."

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Screening rooms 1 to 4 can accommodate 36 to 64 people. The halls have a fixed ascending stand and are suitable for presentations, lectures, private film screenings or workshops in theatre style.

Screening room 1 - 48 people
Screening room 2 - 64 people
Screening room 3 - 36 people
Screening room 4 - 45 people

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A meeting, presentation or just thinking about something. De Denkkamer can accommodate 8 to 10 people. This meeting room is located next to the cafe restaurant, which is why we often organize a private lunch or dinner here.

Claudy Jongstra, known worldwide for the design and production of her woolen fabrics, designed the wall coverings in this room.

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The name says it all, a space surrounded by glass. Het Glas can accommodate 16 people. The space is suitable for various arrangements (round tables, in U-shape or a classroom layout). 

Adjoining Het Glas is Broet, which makes the possible use of these 2 spaces a good combination.


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At Broet, you'll find 3 film sets and a large space that has an industrial look. The film sets can be used to split a large group into smaller ones during for example a workshop. One of the sets looks like a small theatre and is perfectly suited for presentations, shows or screenings. The large tables in the middle of the open space can be moved, which allows you to arrange them in different ways and change the look and feel of the room. That can come in handy during workshops. Broet can accomodate up to 60 people.

Het Glas is located rights next to Broet, which makes the possible use of those two spaces simultaneously a good option.


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